The Best Ceiling Paint for Bedrooms

More often than not, when people take a paint job, they tend to ignore the ceilings. While it may seem inconsequential or even overwhelming to make any changes to the color of the ceiling, it’s not a secret that painting the ceiling does make a big difference. 

As the fifth wall of a room, they help enhance the look and the atmosphere of your space. The colors of your walls really do impact your mood. Your bedroom, especially, is the space where you are most vulnerable and at peace with yourself. This makes it important to pick the right color for your bedroom. In this case, the paint of a room can affect how you start your day off. Since ceilings take up one-sixth of a room's size, choosing ceiling colors that complement your bedroom's trim, furniture, and decor is critical.  

Here are a few things to remember before you start: 

1. Lighter color families like neutrals, blues, and greens are known to create more calming and comforting atmospheres. These colors are also more flexible while planning decor, as there are a lot of options for them and can be switched up easily. 

2. Darker color families are known to create cozier atmospheres. While most people don’t prefer darker colors in the bedroom, they can really create an intimate vibe. If you don’t generally work in your bedroom and want to return to a more cozy ambiance after a long day, darker neutrals, blues, and greens are the colors for you. 

3. Remember to check for your light sources and how the light navigates in your room. If you have an abundant light source, it would also compliment the darker-colored vibe of the room. 

4. Layering lighting in your bedroom is an excellent way to create a relaxing ambiance. Having a variety of lighting options, such as lamps and accent lights, allows you to illuminate different regions of the space at different times. 

5. Matching the ceilings and walls is another strategy you can use in smaller rooms. The majority of individuals choose lighter tones as the preferred ceiling paint color for their room since it gives the impression of a larger, more coherent space. 

Painting the ceiling of a bedroom a unique, non-white color, whether the same or a different hue than the walls, is a common trend among homeowners. This trend is certainly eye-catching, but is it appropriate for every room? What should be the best ceiling paint for your bedroom? Let’s check out some ceiling paint colors you can try.

Ceiling paint colors for your bedroom: 

1. Blue 

What better way to start the day than looking up into the sky? Blue ceilings will give you exactly that feeling. 
Blues are common colors used for bedrooms, as there is a lot of scope for experimentation. Darker blues tend to make you feel 'blue' and closed in, whereas pastel and lighter blues visually loosen up the space. Blue ceilings can add a traditional impression to a space with white crown molding, baseboards, and chair railings. Blue, whether pastel or dark, goes really well with grays and neutrals.  Light blues work well with wallpapers as well.

2. Green 

Green is a fantastic color for both walls and ceilings. More muted pastel greens on the ceilings can have a relaxing impact. Matching these green ceilings with deeper green walls would also be fascinating. Green brings a sense of calm to the environment because it is a color linked with nature. It also tends to give a regal vibe to bedrooms and work really well with crown molding. 

3. Brown 

Not a lot of people realize that shades of brown are some of the best ceiling paint colors for bedrooms. Brown is the hue to use if you want to make your bedroom feel smaller and more inwardly orientated. A brown ceiling, especially in spaces with a lot of wooden interiors, can lengthen the visual point of the room while also making it feel cozier. Personal or private spaces like bedrooms, game rooms, home theaters, and others would benefit significantly from the warm feeling that a brown ceiling provides. 
Different shades of brown from chocolate shades to more burnt brown-red shades also make the room stand out. 
A pro-tip is to use yellow and warmer lighting to get the most visually pleasing aesthetic out of this color. 

4. Yellow

Yellow bedrooms might just be the most playful ones ever! From pastels to bright colors to mustard, yellows are the best ceiling paints out there. And they are just as versatile! They will make your bedroom brighter and also reflect a lot of light. Opt for yellows if you have a smaller room, and want to elongate its visual point.  

5. Pink 

Pinks and bedroom ceilings go hand-in-hand! Whether you’re doing a statement wall with pastels or you’re opting to go for the same color throughout the bedroom, pink is a reliable pick every time. Apart from the calm, comforting, and dreamy vibe that pink walls give, it is a color that also goes really well with wallpapers, crown molding, and trims. Additionally, you can try shiplap ceilings with a baby pink color to add some character to your room! 

6. Black/ Dark Brown/ Grey 

A darker hue is always an outstanding and trendy ceiling paint color choice in a large space with high ceilings, coffered ceilings, or a lot of natural light. Black, darker browns, and grays are some of the best ceiling paint options for rooms like this. Not only do they add character to the room, but they leave you space to experiment and really push boundaries with decor. Additionally, you can switch up the decor and contrast multiple lighter pastels with this sort of bedroom ceiling. 

Do you, now, finally have a better idea of the perfect ceiling paint for your bedroom? Then it's time to get down to it! Go paint the ceiling in your bedroom and make the place feel like it truly is yours! 

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